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Mylor SA Puts Brakes on AND Delivers Sanctuary for New Music

An ultra dope community gathering in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, raised vibrations on 4/20 2024. tee hee

Mylor Cotton Hall's wood and stone A frame design room tone made for an acoustically warm capture of the latest story named Highway. This song has been the go to season opener of the Death By Carrot Road Dog Division's 2024 performances so far; did the kangaroo meet its end on the up? 🎲

The town offered more than Autumn perfection & squishy Hector...

Even Gina was feeling love! New rotors and pads, re-charged air conditioner, fresh filters & oil, thanks to the ticket & merchandise purchases, donations and Patreon support of the beautiful humans in Mylor. Just in time for Riff delivery up the track to Alice 🔥 BIG HUGS TO THIS GUY!!!

Community hall performances feel great. If you would like to host a Death By Carrot experience at your community hall in 2025/2026 please don't hesitate to reserve a date by email.

Big love and thanks to the Mylor SA community for having us we are so grateful for your energy. xoxo

Session Notes

Death By Carrot performing "Highway"

Desk mix from capture session printed as is and premastered on LANDR Soundcloud stream.

Recorded same day in the Mylor Cotton Memorial Hall on Friday 19th April.

All instruments running through Mackey Desk into Peavy SP-4G speaker mains facing inward to activate the reverb threshold/ sweet spot of the room.

Drums recorded by memory of the story in one take against metronome - track built up with subsequent single take guitar layers, bass, then vocals. No overdubs or edits.

All instruments recorded through Mackey 1604 VLZ pre-amps, direct out into Zoom H8, into Pro-tools. No effects added in post, all audio is straight recorded signal.

Drums and Guitars room sounds recorded through Zoom XYH-6 capsule.

Kick -> ISK BDM-2 -> FMR RNC

Snare -> Shure SM-58

Floor Tom -> ISK TDM-2 -> FMR Stereo RNLA

Rack Tom -> ISK TDM-2 -> FMR Stereo RNLA

High Hat -> ISK CM-30 -> FMR Stereo RNLA

Overhead Crash + Ride -> ISK CM-30 -> FMR Stereo RNLA

Guitars -> ISK TDM-2 positioned left of dustcap 85 degree tilt

Bass -> Dry -> Active DI // Wet -> Blue 8ball condenser

Room Sound for Bass captured with stereo AKG 4040’s

Vocals -> sE 2200 Vintage EditionRoom sound for Vocals captured with AKG 4040.

Recorded using Marshall + Ampeg + Yamaha Amplification and Gibson + Fender Guitars.

All instruments tuned in reference to A 432hz.

Lyrics // Highway

Windmills & chimneys, spinefex rolls down the highway

Cattle roulette as Black Marsha sings down the highway

Along comes a Joey, up from the creek, shuckin n jivin tho a feathers retreat

What if the Roo don't go?

What if the Roo gonna stay?

What if the ruse grows old?

What if today's the day?

Singin' cicadas wave 'round the bush down the highway

When the telegraph rings, everybody knows down the highway

Gina's chuckin' in shifts, bearing down heavy, melodies woven so hot and bothered

What if the roo don't go?

What if the roo gonna stay?

What if the rules don't hold?

what if today's the day?

What if the ruse grows old?

What if the rules don't hold?

What if the ruse grows old?

What if the rules don't hold?

what if the ruse grows old?


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