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Death By Carrot

Deep Psychonautic Earthborn grooves,descending from the Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd side of the Rock 'n' Roll tree. 

In Gina we roll around Australia carrying Black Marsha, sharing our original & organic 100 proof Riffs; seeking kindred spirits. 

Bayden Redshaw

really awesome band, love the sounds and the personal connection they form with people. I have no doubt I'll cross paths with these great individuals again some day! awesome times!

Mixed Spice Creative Studios, ADL

Amazing people, amazing music, amazing philosophy!

Terry Deefholts

Excellent grooves, strong vocals, stylish sensibilities and lovely humble peeps. Will try and catch them anytime they come near.

Anton Eves Mihaljevic 

Ace band, super sound, dedicated to the music

Siddharth Gurung 

Absolute perfection. Was absolutely stunned watching them play live. Awesome music and Awesome vocals. 10/10. Would definitely love them back at Darwin.

Josh Jones

Full sound, great vibes
10/10 on the awesome scale 

Rebecca Tayler

Awesome group of people, chilling riffs that rock the world, a must see band

Effy Lyons

Nothing but amazing shows all round

Ron Hocking

Awesome heavy rock band.

Matt Oliver

There are not many words you can use that will do Death by Carrot justice, so let me try.




Do yourself a favour and see these guys if you havent, you won't regret it

Charlie Margin

Death by carrot are awesome! Super talented musicians, I had the pleasure of recording them a few years ago and they rocked the place! definitely get your daily dose of vegetables with these HEAVY rockin riffs. Death by carrot!!!!! yewwwwww!

Melissa Jayne Mellor

A must see! Great Musicians  and awesome people 

Sean Lear

...much more than a stoner rock band!

Though obviously influenced by big fuzzy riff gods Kyuss and the eternal Black Sabbath, please don't pigeonhole this band to a genre! (Because neither of these bands can be called just one type of rock also)

Any fan of the late 60s , classic 70s rock, 80s revival, 90s alt grunge, 00s post rock and anything involving guitar goodness since, could name many a band DBC kinda sound like (Zepplin, Jimi, Floyd, Gunners, Mudhoney, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Fu Manchu, Mogwai, Tool, QOTSA ect ect..).

However these guys blend and serve it with such passion and heart (& "Black Marsha" a guitarists' wet dream of an amp rig, as the plate!) that inevitably, only makes them sound like themselves alone and totally NOW!

What's truly remarkable is their ability to rock your ya yas and air guitars one sonic, blissfully fill your soul with tender psychedelic homages the next, to near hypnotic moments laced with sweet vocal harmonies (that Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles would be proud of) and back - All while showing total commitment to sharing and taking you on the spiritual sonic journey to and beyond the riff they're on, never seeming to hit any speed humps or sharp turns along the way.

These cats love to play and tour hard - constantly on the road spreading a positive vibe on life, love and connection through music (Maybe that's why they sound like the greatest road music mix tape ever recorded, performed by one of your favourite bands).

Wherever they take you - who cares?

They do! They live for this!

Enjoy the ride.

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