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Venue Shutdown Patreon Keepin The Riffs Phat

In Hamilton Victoria today, another venue with a calendar full of live music shutdown.

The commercial hotel created a space for alternative original music, until now, only 2 days prior to the scheduled Death By Carrot performance.


Perhaps nuanced public policy is keeping gathering spaces dandy for all ???? , nah. The body count on venues keeps climbing.

SO. Yeah this is really happening. Venues are closing because of paperwork. Insurance , cost of everything rising.

We aim to never cancel a performance. Balancing the bookings calendar is so particular... weaving into motion months in advance and like walking a tight rope, very little wiggle room. When last minute cancelations go down the online store and crowdfunding keep Gina rolling and Black Marsha singing.

Rest assured we will look again for next year in Hamilton area. A concern remains around how undeniably beneficial live music is for our communities. Yet protecting indie alternative music culture eludes the status quo; and by extension those who champion space for it.

Grateful and thanking y'all for havin-a-carrots-back through the rougher patches xoxo


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