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Carrot Patch Power In The Engine Room

The Never Never, a blissful sit amongst trees in Bellingen NSW. Suspended dust particles beaming from sunlight thru her canopy. Eyes wandering, mind pondering, natures vibrations radiating, feeling relaxation; along floats a crumpled up bag of Cheetos...

Bellingen NSW , Australia

Check out the PreMaster Soundcloud sneak peek of this multi-location audio capture for Into The River. Hit play and scroll down to read more about the recording session.

The Rewind <<< Once upon a time (October 2019 🤔) we met a couple adventurous kindred spirits under the stars in the centre at the Desert Oaks Rest Area. 🏜

Like many folks, when they asked, where can we hear Death By Carrot music? To which we always replied "every penny goes into diesel! & staying rolling on the loop. One day we'll work recording into the schedule... baby steps"

"every penny goes into diesel! ... baby steps"

Infinity Loop is steaming along in 2024 with regular performances around Australia thus kicking into effect the next baby step for the Death By Carrot Road Dog Division; regular recording sessions along the loop.💜 

During 2023 the performance calendar shifted to accomodate exploratory recording stops along the loop. Calling on a handful of beautiful Riff Mavens having previously offered to lend a hand led us onto a magical property near world class surf cutting tracks in a school bus! THANK YOU JEN & Mo xoxo Laying down phat rhythmical feels on a super dope drum kit in a historic train station! THANK YOU Daryl & Drew xoxo Remember our adventuring couple from the desert??.. jump started the now beating heart of this rolling recording machine with their financial contribution. THANK YOU Brett & Kylie xoxo

Suffice it to say diving deeper into recording songs for release is thrilling and yet cause for caution. Time spent away from live performances in favour of recording, is time spent away from our primary revenue stream. Having raised this point over a dinner convo or two... it seems there are folks willing to hold down the fort with crowd sourced dollarydoos towards Australia's neighbourhood friendly Riff loving root vegetable project crafting more content.🔥

SO 🥁 Death By Carrot Patreon it is! Contributions fund recording sessions and more. Putting Carrot Patch power into the DBC engine room with Crowdfunding options here: Carrot Patch HQ xo

Into The River Session Notes

20th September 2023

Capture began in Margaret River on the Bramley Ramble property on Warandi Noongar Boodja lands. The goal for this session was capturing the tempos and laying in guide tracks for 10 songs.

October 2023, 2nd-10th

With Drew Goddard. The goal for this session was the basic tracking of drums, bass, guitars.

March 2024, 6th

Capture & Mix with Julian S. in Collingwood, Victoria

The goal for this session was vocals recording and basic mixdown.

LANDR Master

Lyrics // Into The River

Won't Take Too Much

Just A Little

Can't Have Enough

So Just A Nibble

Want You Here

Now & Forever

Dip My Hands

Into Your River

Into The River

Giving Thanks

Draw Inner Spirits

Touched By Heart

We Are The Healers

Dripping Life

Through My Fingers

Give It Back

Down The River

Into The River


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