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Hitting Pause On the Gina Factor

Ok, sweet ride Gina is about to git sum well deserved r&r as the DBC Road Dog Division trade the traditional bitumin way for them stripes. Flight mode enabled. Embarking upon Tassie integration to the ever evolving Australian Infinity Loop; SO exciting yet terrifying. 🥶

Exhibit A 👇🏼 Transport Matters.

As you can see, she is our freedom musicality hub. Our ticket to coast-to-coast Riff delivery any time - any place. Travelling to Tasmania by airplane means the whole 'rock up and transform Gina into a stage set up to deliver Riffs' strategy can't be deployed. 🤔

Exhibit B 👇🏼 Marsha be a Homie.

No Gina means no Marsha 😳 Needless to say music is possible under any circumstances. The old skool stomp and clap under vocals method can muster enough spellbinding to go the distance. Still, we adore Black Marsha and she has been thru it all, in the trench, we gots comforts and warm fuzzy feelins about us. Could say … looks butt-booty-nikid without her.

Exhibit C 👇🏼 Gina is a recovery Temple.

We sleep together , and her cuddles are a spiritual fortress 💝

Without Gina in the mix, additional transportation, gear, accomodation support would be much appreciated for this inaugural flight mode method of Riff delivery. If you have any leads pls email

Tasmania Performances

more tba

Thursday 14th March 6pm

New Norfolk - Bush Inn

Thursday 21st March 1-3pm

Hobart - Mona


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