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Howdy Folks,

Celebrating 5 years of Death By Carrot, Volume V has been re-titled X-XV-MMXV(Five), revised & uploaded to all the inter-webs!

This anniversary edition features freshly cut overdubs by the 2018-2020 Road Dog Division with Satin on drums, Cosmik on guitar and Luna on wah. The vocal performance by yours truly is from the original demo.

Five was recorded at The Space(Kennards Storage, West End)& released October 15th 2015. Exclusively for Bandcamp plus a limited run of 100 cd’s only sold at select performances.

The space location was a super dope spot for our carrot patch to set roots. The heart of West End, South Brisbane, a stones throw from our regular hang, the Bearded Lady (Beardo) on Boundary Street.

Outside of working tracks day-in-day-out, Friday nights were spent cruisin the West End markets... motor rooms live music... vision gallery late night vibes... King Ahirams unrivalled $5.50 falafel wraps and long reflective walks along the Brisbane River. All set to the hustle and bustle of societies progeny unwinding after their daily grind. Excitement galore! Life was good... but was it?

The crippling grip of depression had me. Gumming up my spirit, drawing me away from loved ones, our community... living is hard work. It often sucks the joy out of inspiration and crushes motivation. Do we all share in this rollercoaster? Has anyone ever met anybody who "figured it out" ?

Nevertheless, here we stand and continue to evolve through the ages. Surviving the lowest of lows, rising up to the high moments we cherish... only to feel the imminent fall.. over and over.

The sentiment behind this song is solidarity. A type of acknowledgement, no matter how debilitated we feel, we survive through community, collaboration, communication... culture. Reach out to one another. Because there is always a way to push forward; we might be stuck but we are definitely not alone.




If you believe // Something is broken inside you // You're lost and alone // Wishing that someone would find you // Might Be Stuck | But | You're Not Alone If you could feel alright enough inside you // You're cut to the bone // Needing that someone to find you // Might Be Stuck | But | You're Not Alone If you were real // Your mind wouldn't blind you // Trapped in the wheel // Praying that someone will find you // Might Be Stuck | But | You're Not Alone


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