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Low Key Hangs with Death By Carrot and Friends

It's with great pleasure and anticipation we announce our first ever Residency ~ Open Mic ~ Jam, in collaboration with the tastiest Artisan Pizza spot in Brisbane -- The Cave Inn. hi.

As many of you know; we are extremely passionate about Open Mics for what they represent in our community. A place folks gather to share expression. A critical support to those who would otherwise find it impossible to navigate entrance into the music scene.

We are calling it Low Key Hangs with Death By Carrot and Friends. This is no regular gathering folks... We are lining up DOPE feature acts for all 10 events!

Too often as youngsters we want to participate, perform & mingle with established artists, build stage chops... but these opportunities are blocked by the limitations around venue licensing. As time passes, our nose to the grind stone, years lapse while our visions of musical expression nag at our spirits to enter into the world of arts & creatives. Drum roll please... we are especially proud to share, this is an ALL AGES ~ FREE ENTRY event! Family and friends welcome. Our aim is to create a no-disclaimers, safe for expression experience so all can participate. Where alternative culture thrives & diversity is celebrated & supported. Please join us Sundays starting March 7th from 5pm at 47 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba. Help us share this message far & wide. 5pm - Death By Carrot 5:15pm - Open Mic 6:15pm - Feature Act 7:pm - Jams Sign-Ups Email : Limited slots, first come first served, get in contact early!


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