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Freedom Rise

Howdy Folks,

Memorialising a wild year as we face freshly uncertain futures. Basic tracks for Freedom Rise recorded September 17th 2020. With Satin on drums, Cosmik on guitar, Luna on Wah & yours truly on story with Baby Bell carrot & our carrot patch backing on chorus.

Perhaps it’s a fools errand, praying... watching as our society is systematically and selectively mothballed. Feeling powerless to intervene... Will Freedom Rise?

In our post Covids world, we find renewed common ground over a modicum of incarceration. Forgotten, overlooked, isolated, limited in movement, marginalised; sufferings many endure as a regular course of life. We witnessed in detail how Humans don’t thrive under mandatory isolation and/duress. Rather, we lose temper... become fragile, our health declines... leaving no question about how inadequately we stand with respect to equitable access for mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health.

Q) How do we get out in front of this?

Q) Do the circumstance we-find-ourselves-in present opportunity in solidarity?

Everyone tasted lockdown vibes. So, finally, with respect to humankind & entering into a new year ... in the spirit of self-love towards loving others...

Q) Will freedom rise & ripple throughout our villages?

Q) Can we forge true love throughout our community?

Freedom must rise... to learn, explore, trade, create refuge, gather, support, dote on our planet & beyond, heal and strengthen from our ails, fails & transgressions... establish an equitable right to thrive.




Freedom Rise

Once roaming deserts

cruising highways

gathering people

keep the flame

Holding tight memories

Of all We have

before its taken... will freedom rise?

Freedom Rise

Endless emotions

carry weight

stuck without motion

everything breaks

In our reflection

equities slain

nobodies justice... will freedom rise?

Freedom Rise


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