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Enter Earthborn Sessions - Day 1

Today we embark upon the long awaited recording sessions for Earthborn. A body of music which worked its way across Australia the past couple years through the highways and byways... capturing stories of our community, trials, celebrations, sorrows and societal controversies.

As most things go... we need many minds and spirits involved to realise visions like capturing a body of music... that being we welcome into the Carrot Patch, John, Toby & Chris, who have generously raised their hands as volunteer engineers to help in crafting this album which we are so very passionate about.

You may recognise these fellas from the SAE sessions and Riffmageddon, running around the stage areas. Most recently they helped us complete tracking for a collaboration with Planet of The 8's 🤫 which we are super pumped to be part of... more tba.

It's no small commitment joining the production team on an album... as they have studies, work, personal lives and still will be spending upwards of 300 hrs between today and June side-by-side with us through the daily rituals of capturing and refining these songs into something special to share with y'all.

So if you see them around, chuck em a nod, fist bump and a warm welcome. These are the true-blue 100% LEGENDS we know Australia's music community is made up of.




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