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Ticketing In 2024

Death By Carrot performing Live
📸 Nila Wolf

As with every new season at Carrot Patch HQ, refinements are underway. Here are some things you should know about the Smiley Chaos hosted Death By Carrot gatherings xoxo

Entry pricing for performances in 2024 is $10 concession online, $20 general admission online & $30 at the door.

Concession is never checked. If money is tight, these tickets are for you.

Online tickets stay live until the event ends. If anyone wants to avoid the door premium upon entry, you can still purchase online.

All ages. We aim to host events in spaces that have flexibility for youth attendance. Usually this requires adult accompaniment, not always. Email to or try a direct message via socials at least a couple weeks prior to the event you'd like to attend and we may be able to get you in.

Special needs. Often times we can organise workshops, meet and greet sessions, priority seating and more prior to doors. These can be soothing ice breakers for neurodivergent, disability, elderly etc. If anybody needs special consideration reach out couple weeks prior to the event you'd like to attend.

Crowdfunding. Online tickets via Humanitix allows flexible pricing for $20 general admission tickets up to $100. We also welcome rounding up at the door and the merchandise shrine. Crowd funded support has been critical to keeping us rolling and allows us to include more communities in hard to reach places each year.

Ticketing Platforms. Smiley Chaos uses Eventbrite & Humanitix to sell Death By Carrot tickets via socials and

Join the carrot madness at the 2024 Smiley Chaos hosted Death By Carrot shows! 🎤 Grab your tickets today and immerse yourself in an epic night of music and fun! 🥳 Who's coming with you? Share links, Tag your buddies! #CarrotParty #FriendsNightOut #2024Riffs


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