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About Us

As a project we celebrate alternative culture by encouraging a healthy space for human-to-human communication through community gatherings and artistic collaborations.


Europe 1916", an anti-war cartoon by Boardman Robinson, depicting Death enticing an emaciated donkey towards a precipice with a carrot labeled "Victory.

Our Story


Welcome to the Carrot Patch. We are a community of humans who sincerely feel the dumbest way to die is; Death By Carrot.. so instead we celebrate Riffs.

We roll around Australia in Gina - our Ford Transit, gathering folks & delivering riff oriented, storytelling experiences from coast to coast. Sonically, some call it deep psychonautic grooves descended from the Black Sabbath/Pink Floyd branch of the Rock n Roll Tree… We call it Stoner Rock.

Travelling by road reveals a countries essence & true spirit. It connects communities like the mycelium network connects the forest, or a spine connects the chakras. On it, We've learnt that Country is spirit; with its own body, rhythms and complex systems.

Our Australian Infinity Loop aims to be symbiotic with those systems & raise the riff in every one of its energy centres! As the bee pollinates, In Gina, we gather alternative culture everywhere and share it down the highway.


EVERYONE is welcome at our events.

All ages venues are prioritized and where licensing prohibits youth from attending, we aim for a skatepark. 


Often our events bring together multiple mediums.. 

For example..  our ongoing ‘Mixed Spice’ event in Adelaide hosts live art battles, indie market stalls, bands, screenprinters, jugglers, on site tattooing… ‘Creative flow’ in Grafton reps - skaters, rappers, graffiti, sculptors, DJs…, Dope Riff Fest in Canberra had - Firetwirlers, kink performers, a nun… the list goes on! We also offer riff workshops & have experience working with Neurodivergent folks & children.  


Living on the road, we cover hundreds of KMs daily. Carrying forward the torch of our road dog ancestors like AC / DC, Grateful Dead & Slim Dusty.. who packed their lives into a vehicle and performed far & wide across Australia’s vast plains.


We live out of backpacks, our kitchen is a trailer tool chest, our office is the open road & we hand screen our merchandise anywhere! So far, your tees have come from; a desert shack, city back-alley, avocado farm, olive farm, opal mine, hotel room, caravan park, living rooms. . . (Shout out to Justin at BSA for the screenprinting lessons & gear)


It’s all possible with the support of our community of kindred spirits - the Riff Mavens - taking us in after shows, feeding us, teaching their crafts, sharing their stories, showing us their towns, towing us, mending Gina, patching up Antonic,  spending precious time with us… We are so grateful. 


There are many Carrots in the Patch who share the stage with us and contribute to the stories.. Like Dezi Carrot from townsville on Didj, Nomadic Aaron on hand drum, beloved Metamagik, Zino, Ya ya, Phoenix (our Mycology guru), Gina's dedicated pit crew - Uncle Matty, Dave, Gaz, Sarah. 

You may giggle at the idea of dying by a Carrot.. Like that scene in Shoot Em Up.. but truly,  Carrot vs. Stick?  🥱  How about neither.  

Want to support ? Check out some crowd funding options here.

Meet The Team

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