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Soundsafe Sessions

Sydneys iconic home of Rock n' Roll ~ Frankie's Pizza, Jack Haycroft, fresh apple whiskeys... got talking & we find ourselves in Room 3, Marrickville. Sound Safe Sessions.

Gina broken down, bank busted as can be. It's times like these an energy boost from kindred creative spirits like Jack and his team resets the road wearied soul.

Jack called up videographers Chloe Bobbin & Klaud Billie Vanson to capture stories off Earthborn.

Dope team & strong community! We're so grateful for everyone who throws down with us along the journey...

Check out 'Startdust', live from Sound Safe Sessions below xoxo

P.S. Brewing a couple extra bits n bobs with Jack since... among which is our Soundcloud soft launch. Jack has taken the live captures of each performance under his wing for a spit-shine; now available on Soundcloud. ❤️


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