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Inside Now

Among the often shared self-help lingo we hear expressed is "it's about the journey". A meandering road with highs and lows galore. This rang more true than ever in a brief exchange with our beloved Red Ravens (Lismore, NSW) a couple months back while attempting to lock down a proper date to gather folks around some Phat Riffs.

As Gina rolls around Australia, relationships are formed, love is inspired and with each pass we grow a little fonder and older together. Such is life. Our island continent is massive, and with each new stop, she becomes smaller, the days in the week become more scarce and so we face the inevitable pain of choosing one location over another. How?

The mission was drawing a 300km grid across the land to deliver Riffs equitably to all who would have them... well folks, mission accomplished! The infinity loop has become realised into a spectacular journey full of beautiful cherished souls.

So what next?

On this last pass the universe dealt us a cyclone, flooding, and an unexpected sit at Fitzroy Crossing while waiting for the water to subside. In the throws of these natural wonders we have no choice but to face the cancelations, depletion of means, and the rebuild to follow. It was in this moment, upon revisiting the journey which made obvious the opportunity to redraw the Infinity Loop top to bottom.

Over the coming days drive a story emerged of keeping present. A quiet mindfulness which led to the rebirth of the DBC yearly calendar. Infinity Loop 2.0 beginning July 1st 2023, is the culmination of 5 years exploration, netting the most equitable distribution of routing, not just for our community... but also for creation. In it space has opened for recording sessions to take place, family to be embraced and personal time to be observed. All the while, having enough space to re-engage with some of our oldest, most supportive communities who haven't seen Black Marsha in too long.

Suppose it'd be easier to explain like this...



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